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The Door Wedge – Silicone Black


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Now Made In High Durometer Silicone For Extreme Grip On Any Surface!

Create your own safe room with The Door Wedge!

In an emergency when you need to wedge a door open or even closed you now can with supreme confidence.  The Door Wedge TDW can even be combined together for additional height as needed since they lock together due to its unique dual pyramidal spiked design. The elevated ridges also adds traction when you needed it most on most abrasive surfaces.

If you need to wedge a door you can do it from the top, side or bottom of the door frame.

Stackable too in both directions!

Pro Tip: Add a loop of Paracord through the mid section of the TDW to make it easy to remove quickly in an emergency

The Door Wedge is so rugged you can use a hammer to really make sure the wedge is securely in place, or just kick in the old fashion way!

Where do you use the wedge you might be thinking? Classroom / Hotel Room / Bunker /  Bathroom Door To Keep the Kids Out / The possibilities are endless…

( Keep a TDW with you in you SHTF bag )


Dimensions : 6.25″ x 2″ x 2″

Weight : 6.7 Ounces

Material : High Durometer Silicone


Works best on grippy surfaces like carpet / asphalt / textured floors ( also works on smooth tile / linoleum and other smooth surfaces if you just wedge it more securely ) Just a quick tap with your foot and your all set


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